Grzech it’s a figure difficult to be taken into specific frames as he is a saxophone player, musical producer, arranger, publisher (Alchemic Records)
Winner of many prestigious awards (for example-Grand Prix Hoilaart Jazz Festival 1998), a very prolific musician, balancing on the edge of jazz, folk, new impressionism and film music. His open stage personality attracts people and his music finds its way directly to their soul.
The characteristic features of Grzech’s formations are energy, lyrics, nostalgia, musical metaphor and meditation. At the same time they are full of humor and musical distance. The artist stresses out that his music is deeply rooted in the Polish tradition, Eastern and Balkan folk and in classical music.
Grzech cooperates with, among others: Eivind Aarset, Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, Terje Isungset, Sainkho Namtchylak, Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen, Jorn Simen Overli, Theodosii Spassov, Bulgarian Voices Angelite, Siergiej Starostin, Taisa Krasnopevtseva, Lars Andreas Haug, Espen Leite Skarpengland, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Taner Akyol, Wu Wei, Azat Bikchurin, Sinikka Langeland, Marcin Wasilewski, Vladiswar Nadishana, Bram Stadhouders, Marcel Comendant and with other bands, such as: Grzech Piotrowski World Orchestra, Akku, Karuzela Group, Nor Pol, Alchemik, Oxen.
H I S T O R Y:
In 1997, together with Robert Luty and Marcin Murawski Grzech established Alchemic band that in an instant turned out to be a real revelation on the Polish jazz scene. The effect of their cooperation were concerts in the whole Europe and numerous awards received at jazz festivals in Poland(Jazz nad Odrą-Grand Prix, Jazz Juniors in Krakow, Pomorska Jesień Jazzowa-Grand Prix), and the most important one – Grand Prix at the Jazz Hoeilaart 1997 festival in Belgium.
The formation released three albums: Acoustic Jazz Sextet (1998), Sfera?szeptów (2001), Dracula in Bucharest (2004).
In 2000 another highly original formation is born. It is called Oxen and plays M-Basic music, releasing its first album Nexo (2002). In 2007 the formation grows to the size of a Big Band and takes up the name Big Oxen Band.
Further musical steps taken by Grzech are his solo albums: „Sin” (2005) and?”Emotronica” (2009) that were received with very good reviews and proved that he is a musician following his unique and original path.
In 2007 the artist won Grand Prix at the Two Theatres Festival in Sopot for the original music for the Scvorecki’s theatrical play “Bass Saxophone”. The award was the crowning of Piotrowski’s many year cooperation with the Polish Radio Theatre.
Turn of 2009-2010 brought the artist new challenges in the form of several European project, such as:

Poland / Holand (emotronic, lyrical, electronic free)
•    Grzech Piotrowski-sax,duduk
•    Bram Stadhouders-git,synth git,laptop
•    Onno Govaert-drums
•    Michal Baranski-bass


(jazz, trad, ethno, world, new impresionism)
Special guests : Jon Christensen – drums (Norway) Arild Andersen – bass (Norway) Sinikka Langeland – kantela, voc (Norway)

•    Grzech Piotrowski-ss,ts,duduk (Poland)
•    Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer-voc (Norway)
•    Siergiej Starostin (Russia)
•    Taisa Krasnopevtseva (Russia)
•    Sainkho Namtchylak-voc (Tuva)
•    Theodosii Spassov-kaval (Bulgaria)
•    Espen Leite Skarpengland-acc (Norway)
•    Lars Andreas Haug-tuba (Norway)
•    Rahul Pophali-tabla (Indie)
•    Terje Isungset-percussion,drums (Norway)
•    Marcin Wasilewski-piano (Poland)
•    Azat Bikchurin-kurai (Bashkiria,Ural)
•    Vladiswar Nadishana-multiinstr (Syberia)
•    Bram Stadhouders-guitar,lyra (Holand)
•    Marcel Comendant-tsymbals (Moldavia)
•    Sandra Kopijkowska-harfa (Poland)
•    Michał Barański-bass (Poland)
•    Robert Luty-drums (Poland)
•   Jan Pilch-percussion (Poland)
•    Alchemik String Orchestra (Poland)

AKKU – Norway
•    Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer-voc
•    Elfi Sverdrup-voc
•    Lars Andreas Haug-tuba
•    Grzech Piotrowski-sax,duduk
•    Knut Aalefjaer-drums

KARUZELA GROUP  ,  Norway / Poland?(utwory A.Osieckiej po Norwesku i Polsku)
•    Tora Augestad-voc
•    Jorn Simen Overli-voc
•    Joanna Lewandowska-voc
•    Espen Leite Skarpengland-accordeon
•    Grzech Piotrowski-saxes,duduk
•    Sebastian Wypych-bass
•    Paal Hausken-dr
•    Cikada String Quartet

NOR-POL Bridge ,  Norway / Poland
•    Arild Andersen-bass
•    Jon Christensen-dr
•    Marcin Wasilewski-piano
•    Grzech Piotrowski-sax
•    Frode Barth-guit